Latest ISE News

ISE Welcomes New Graduate Students

Over 50 new MS and PhD students attended orientation on August 21 to meet the faculty, learn about courses, research, and graduate student clubs, and to enjoy a pizza lunch. Welcome to all our new and returning graduate students!

PhD Student Pandey To Present at NSF Workshop

ISE PhD Student Niraj Pandey will present work regarding optimization modeling for statin prescribing, at an upcoming NSF-SPonsored workshop on Health Systems Optimization at Northwestern University's Center for Engineering and Health. Pandey received a travel grant to attend the workshop. 

Read more about the research, conducted with ISE faculty Murat Kurt and Mark Karwan, here

Home Health Innovation Workshop to be Held May 15

Innovations in home health are changing the way healthcare is delivered in the United States and abroad.  Home health devices and environmental supports are creating lifestyle choices that improve individual health, support independence for aging or functionally limited populations, and reduce health care costs.  This free 1-day workshop brings together researchers, practitioners  and community advocates who want to impact public health via home health innovations.

ISE Graduate Poster Session Held

ISE held its annual graduat student poster competition on March 29. All of the presented student posters were excellent, and the scores were extremely close. In the end, the following two posters received the highest scores and have been selected to represent the department at the SEAS Annual Graduate Research and Information Event:

Tolou Esfandeh - Impact of Dual-Toll Pricing in Hazmat Transportation considering Stochastic Driver Preferences

Xinhui Zhu - Postural stress experienced by vaginal surgeons

Senior Georgia Cruz Interns at Disney

When Georgia Cruz moved to Clarence, New York from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as a high school student, she had a dream to dance on stage with Mickey Mouse. Six years later, while not exactly dancing with Mickey, she is instead working as an Industrial Engineering intern at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.