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PhD Student Receives HF Honor

Mahboobeh Ghesmaty Sangachin, an ISE PhD student specializing in human factors, has been selected to receive a Student Member with Honors award from the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). The annual award recognizes students who "have made an outstanding contribution to the human factors/ergonomics discipline or to HFES."

Ms. Sangachin, a student of Dr. Lora Cavuoto, is studying the integration of health promotion and accident prevention in the workplace. 

ISE Expert Weighs in on Amusement Park Safety

ISE Professor Jun Zhuang, an expert in disaster and hazard managment, provided some expert analysis regarding a tragic amusement park accident in which a young boy was killed on a waterslide. 

Professor Zhuang is quoted with regards to the risks associated with rides, and the theoretical impossibility of testing rides under all conditions. "It is virtually impossible to test water slides for all possible combinations of weather and wind conditions," said Zhuang.

Student Team Wins 3D Printing Competition

A team made up of ISE and CSE students and led by ISE faculty members Chi Zhou and Lora Cavuoto and CSE faculty member Webyao Xu has won an international competition in 3D printing. The Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions is sponsored by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (SC3DP) at Nanyang Technological University.

Graduate Poster Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the ISE Poster Competition!

We would like to thank everybody for participating in the 2016 ISE Poster Competition. All of the presented student posters were excellent, and the scores were quite close. In the end, the following two posters received the highest scores and have been selected to represent the department at the SEAS Annual Graduate Research and Information Event:

Fatemeh Mousapour: A Literature Review : Recent Development of Attacker-Defender Games

Breakthrough in Graphene Printing

ISE Professor Chi Zhou was part of a research team that had a recent breakthrough in printing 3D structures made of the specialized material, graphene. Their study, published in the journal Small, describes an innovative process for printing graphene structures using ice as a structural support. 

Dr. Zhou noted “Graphene is notoriously difficult to manipulate, but the structures we built show that it’s possible to control its shape in three-dimensional forms,”