Research Highlight  (more highlights)

Traffic Control Agency Behavior Modeling and Deployment Optimization for Large Scale Planned Special Events

Large scale planned special events (PSE), such as sporting games, concert, and parades, attracting high volume of pedestrians, buses and passenger vehicles, result in significant non-recurrent traffic congestion.

What's New in ISE  (more news)

Student Team Wins 3D Printing Competition

A team made up of ISE and CSE students and led by ISE faculty members Chi Zhou and Lora Cavuoto and CSE faculty member Webyao Xu has won an international competition in 3D printing.

Graduate Poster Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the ISE Poster Competition!

Breakthrough in Graphene Printing

ISE Professor Chi Zhou was part of a research team that had a recent breakthrough in printing 3D structures made of the specialized material, graphene. Their study, published in the journal Small, describes an innovative process for printing graphene structures using ice as a structural support. 


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ISE Alumni Highlight (more highlights)

NFL Study Wins INFORMS Competition

Kyle Cunningham's (2014 BSIE)  paper "Alleviating Competitive Imbalances in NFL Schedules: An Integer-Programming Approach" has been selected as a the winner of the 2015 INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize.