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Statins and Public Health Policy: Modeling and Optimization

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, and accounted for almost 70,000 deaths in 2010, majority of which were caused by coronary heart disease (CHD) or stroke.

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Graduate and Undergraduate Prizewinners at INFORMS Conference

PhD Student Alireza Farasat received second place in the Interactive Poster Session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, Nov 1-4, for the poster "Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Future Paradigm of Educational Environments"

ISE Faculty Honored with UB and SUNY Awards

SUNY Distinguished Professor Rajan Batta and ISE Chair Ann Bisantz were honored October 22 at UB's Annual Celebration of Faculty and Staff Academic Excellence.

Professor Li Lin to Lead Global Health Initiative

Professor Li Lin is co-lead of UB's Commuity of Excellence in Global Health Equity, one of four strategic communities funded by the university.


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ISE Alumni Highlight (more highlights)

NFL Study Wins INFORMS Competition

Kyle Cunningham's (2014 BSIE)  paper "Alleviating Competitive Imbalances in NFL Schedules: An Integer-Programming Approach" has been selected as a the winner of the 2015 INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize.